A Complete Guide to Van Signwriting

A Complete Guide to Van Signwriting


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You may have considered the type of signage you require as you strive to increase the visual appeal of your company or try to draw in more customers. A van sign can become the tool you need to attract new Business, and gain the trust of potential clients or consumers by using visually appealing signs. 

Our team at Odysea Signs is among the best sign makers in Sussex that deliver quick, professional, and exceptional services to our clients for Vehicle Graphics in Sussex.

Knowing what signs are available on the market today and selecting the signs that will work best for your brand is crucial when adding new signage to your Business. We can help determine the most suitable and effective signs for your Business through Vehicle wrapping in Brighton that will get you the most conversions and make your Business thrive. 

Benefits of Getting a Van Signwriting for your Business

Affordable Advertising

A Van Signwriting in Brighton is a 24/7 advertisement for your company, bringing in clients while you sleep, drive, or are parked and doing your Business. It will be viewed by multiple people, making it abundantly clear what you do and the best way to contact you. After paying the initial expense, you are set to go for 5-7 years.


Van signage has proven a barrier against equipment theft and physical vehicle theft. There are many different insurers, so this may not be true for all of them. 

Recognisable logos assist in distinguishing your van; they are difficult to steal because they do not blend in. Another low-cost visual deterrent is straightforward stickers that state things like "GPS tracking" and "no tools/valuables are left in this vehicle overnight." Short version: Your insurance won't go up because of your van signwriting; in some circumstances, it might go down. Typically, some insurers will offer a discount if a van sign is written. It is due to insurers' likelihood of viewing people with signs created for their firms as more reliable and professional.


Did you realise that a general practice doctor has no justification for donning a lab coat? And yet they do for some reason! Why? Because of the impression it conveys.

In a split second, it takes for a patient to form an opinion when they arrive for their appointment, they are reassured of their doctor's expertise and professionalism thanks partly to the lab coat, and van signwriting accomplishes the same. The presence or absence of vehicle graphics can make the difference between the perception of a professional business and a "white van man." 

Customers have higher faith in a van with a sign because it appears more accountable. It encourages customers to choose a reputable business with vehicle graphics West Sussex over an unmarked truck. Customers are assured of the calibre of the job they may anticipate.


You have the opportunity to solidify your brand through van signwriting further. Customers purchase products from companies that, in some way, reflect their preferences and needs. Doing this allows you to filter out the time wasters and draw in the clients you want. Whether you bought or leased your van, signwriting is an excellent way to shield it from harm. When it's time to return the van to the dealership after leasing it, the graphics can be effortlessly removed, leaving the van looking just as nice as when you first drove it.

Do's and Don'ts of Van Signwriting


  • DO have your graphics designed by a professional. You will be driving this design on your van for the next 5 to 7 years, so ensure it is flawless. Kindly rely on the experts. Additionally, as Odysea Signs offers everything in-house, from the initial graphic design to the fitting, there is no need to source a designer individually.
  • DO bring us a spotless car. We need to install the graphics to a spotless car to ensure that your signwriting will last for the longest time possible and be of a high grade. Therefore, you can avoid any problems by spending 10 minutes washing your car before coming to see us.
  • DO make sure your van complies with the law. Check twice and avoid being caught by any regulation! 


  • Don't hurriedly peruse the job. It is what will be created and fitted to your van once you have approved the artwork. If there is an issue, we can fix it, but it will cause you more trouble if you rush into it.
  • Avoid going to a car wash right away. We understand that you want to display your brand-new signwriting immediately, but you must give the adhesive at least 2-3 days to set. However, if you heed our advice to clean your van beforehand, this won't be a problem.
  • Refrain from bargaining. A bad sign is usually worse than none! Writing van signs is what we do; it has been our livelihood for years. With Odysea Signs, you will always receive a higher-quality product, along with an after-sales guarantee.

Choose the Right Sign Writer for your Business.

Get a Quote for your van!

Select The Correct Signage Business To Work With

How can you choose the best custom business sign maker when so many options are available? Here are some pointers to remember:

Assess Your Budget

When picking signs, your budget will assist you in deciding on several factors, including:

  • The size of available signs
  • The standard of the materials you utilise for your signs
  • The number of signs you can buy
  • The level of design complexity you can select

Consider how cost-effective signage is when establishing your budget. Once purchased and set up, it is one of the few forms of advertising that continues to perform for you at no additional cost other than the maintenance jobs.

Select a full-service business

Working with a van signwriting Brighton business that can create, produce, install, and maintain your signs for you is preferable. A full-service business will work with you to create your signs from scratch.

They will manufacture it to your exact specifications, know what you want because they worked with you to design it, and know how to install and maintain it to the highest standards because they made it.

Select the Appropriate Design For Your Signage 

It's time to create your signage now that you know your budget and the Business you wish to hire. 

Consider your target audience. If you want to attract a particular customer, your signage should reflect that.

For instance, if you have a younger target audience, use vibrant, engaging colours, images, and messages that appeal to that age group. You should generally pick more traditional colours, images, fonts, and messaging if your target audience is more traditional.

Our team at Odysea Signs can assist you in designing the appropriate style of signs for every age group & demographic. Get in touch with our expert today!


Most businesses neglect to consider the visibility of their signs properly. The effectiveness of your signage is also greatly influenced by the distance at which people will approach your signs. Ensure that passers-by easily see your signage and that they understandably act on your message.

Both indoor and outdoor signs serve as sales representatives that communicate crucial information that your prospects must view to make a purchase. For instance, inside indicators displaying product prices will make it simple for your prospects to make wise choices.

A branding business that works in the signs sector is likely to offer pricey services that may not be what you need. You can locate a signage business that provides all the required features while staying within your price range.

We thrive on customer satisfaction as you are our biggest advertisers. Visit Odysea Signs, the best Brighton sign company with a team of professional designers with years of experience and multiple projects delivered. If you live anywhere else, a simple "sign shop near me" google search will provide you with a list of the best sign makers near your area.


Contact Odysea Signs, the best sign makers in west Sussex, if you require custom signage. Any custom sign you need, including banners, may be designed, manufactured, and installed by our full-service sign manufacturing company.

You can reckon on us to deliver the project correctly because we have years of experience in the Sussex signs business.

By offering our customers outstanding signage solutions, we work hard to surpass industry standards. Our technicians are all very talented and diligent, enabling us to produce the highest-quality banner to meet your requirements.

We never outsource our work and work with an in-house team to deliver you only the best results! Call us to get an estimate from us right away.