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Looking for a reliable and experienced neon sign company in Brighton, Sussex? At Odysea Signs we have a team of experts specialising in designing, producing, installing, and maintaining neon signs for businesses, shops and retail outlets in Brighton & Hove and surrounding Sussex areas.

Neon signs can be designed in various shapes and sizes to fit any requirement, environment or brand, offering custom solutions that cater to your unique needs. 

We pride ourselves on our huge range of neon signs, ensuring there's something for everyone, whether you're looking for battery-powered options, multi-coloured wall signs, or something entirely bespoke. Using bright, vibrant neon signage externally on your shop front is an excellent way to attract more customers, particularly if you operate during the night, and helps illuminate your brand and business with a bespoke neon sign that captures your vision perfectly.


All our neon signs at Odysea Signs, based in Brighton, are handmade and custom-made, designed and manufactured using glass, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. 

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, bespoke neon signs that meet our clients’ needs, offering a two-year warranty on all our neon signs to ensure quality and durability. We offer a full service and can help you design, produce, and install the perfect neon sign for your business, ensuring it stands out from the crowd and creates an unforgettable first impression on potential customers. 

Our passion for creating high-quality signs, lights, and artwork is reflected in our neon art, emphasising the artistic craftsmanship involved in our neon sign production.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new custom neon sign for various purposes, including personal and business use, upgrade your existing one, or repair a faulty one, Odysea Signs can help. 

We offer a wide range of neon sign services, including design, production, installation, and maintenance, ensuring your neon sign looks great and performs optimally and reliably for years to come. 

Our custom neon signs are designed to add a personalised and distinct touch to events like weddings and help businesses stand out in their respective industries, allowing customers to express their individual style and personality.


So, if you’re looking for a professional and reliable neon sign company in Brighton, Sussex, Odysea Signs is the perfect choice. We offer a wide range of LED neon signs, LED signs, and neon lights, including various wall mounting options to cater to your aesthetic preferences and design needs.

Contact us today to discuss your neon sign project or enquire using the below to take advantage of our expertise in designing and producing high-quality, bespoke neon signs for businesses of all types and sizes. Plus, enjoy a hassle-free return policy that ensures your satisfaction with every purchase.


What our clients say about us

“extremely knowledgeable”

Couldn’t ask for a lovelier guy to work with on my designs. Lewis is extremely knowledgeable of the signage business. He’s highly skilled. And produces great quality branding and signs. It’s obvious he wants the signage to look the best it can. Highly trustworthy. Good value. Don’t go anywhere else.

Nicholas Martin, SUSSEX

“odyseasigns were absolutely incredible.”

It is very rare you get to have anyone as attentive and meticulous as him. He was there for every step and despite myself making multiple changes on the road we ended up with some really amazing signage that has helped the business in its general appearance and branding hugely. A really outstanding service with truly great results.

Ben Rogers, SUSSEX
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