Sign Maintenance

Maintenance of business signage in Sussex

We provide ongoing sign maintenance, sign repairs, commercial sign cleaning, and window sign maintenance services including the installation, repair and replacement of window vinyl graphics.

Why maintain your signage?

Maintaining your signs is a legal requirement – not just an option – under three separate statutory regulations.

It’s critical that your signs fully comply with building regulations, local planning requirements, and health & safety laws.

The owner of a sign is responsible for a signs safety and conservation, and will need to ensure that they are regularly inspected and repaired, if required.

Protect your public image and brand.

Odysea Signs provide ongoing maintenance work that your signage will need, following the installation.

To ensure your signs remain safe, clean and operational, get in touch with us today.

We offer a wide range of sign maintenance packages to suit your needs:
  • Annual cleaning and inspection
  • Safety checking the structural integrity of the signage
  • Electrical component inspection and repairs
  • Illumination trouble-shooting
  • Low energy LED conversion of old lighting systems
  • Damage assessment and repairs
  • Planned preventative maintenance programme
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What our clients say about us

“extremely knowledgeable”

Couldn’t ask for a lovelier guy to work with on my designs. Lewis is extremely knowledgeable of the signage business. He’s highly skilled. And produces great quality branding and signs. It’s obvious he wants the signage to look the best it can. Highly trustworthy. Good value. Don’t go anywhere else.

Nicholas Martin, SUSSEX

“odyseasigns were absolutely incredible.”

It is very rare you get to have anyone as attentive and meticulous as him. He was there for every step and despite myself making multiple changes on the road we ended up with some really amazing signage that has helped the business in its general appearance and branding hugely. A really outstanding service with truly great results.

Ben Rogers, SUSSEX