Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping, Graphics & Van Signwriting 

Whether for your vehicle or a large fleet, vehicle wrapping and graphics are a striking approach to attracting attention, standing out, and making an impact that sticks. 

Highly resilient and completely detachable, it is a cleverly inventive driving method for brand recognition and individual promotion. 

At Odysea Signs, we mix cutting-edge technology with our extensive knowledge and meticulousness, collaborating with you to produce something exceptional.

If you need Van Signwriting in Brighton, Odysea signs are the place to be. We have years of expertise in the area, with multiple projects successfully delivered. For top-notch Vehicle graphics in West Sussex, you can visit us for a consultation with our designers to brainstorm the best designs for your vehicle wrapping and promote your brand in the best way possible.

What is included in our Vehicle Graphics? 


The vehicle graphics offered by Odysea Signs include consultation with our designers to brainstorm ideas for the best design that represents your brand. Our experienced designers will showcase design options for you to select the best.


After finalising the design, next is producing the design. At Odysea Signs, we promise quality signs that will last a long time and are timeless. We create the sign with an eye for detail to make our clients happy. Our final products undergo a quality check before we enter the installation stage.

Vehicle Graphics


The last and final step is an installation with the utmost care. We provide aftercare service to our customers to ensure full customer satisfaction. Our installations come with a 12-month guarantee in case of mishaps or wear and tear.

If you want to hire an expert for vehicle graphics in Sussex, contact Odysea Signs.

Vehicle Wrapping & Graphics for Vans, Cars, Lorries and more.

Your vehicle needs to perfectly represent your business and attract the right sort of attention. It is your strongest form of advertising as you drive around your local area.

Our professional design team can talk you through your requirements and work with you to come up with unique and impressive designs.

Van Signwriting

Let our creative team inspire you for your business branding, and your vehicles inspire your potential customers!

Whether you are looking for a complete vehicle wrap, or a blend between wrapping and vehicle signwriting, we can suit your requirements.

Odysea Signs has provided vehicle wrapping, graphics, signwriting & fleet livery for businesses in Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Shoreham, Lancing, Worthing and wider Sussex.

Whether you are looking to have one vehicle wrapped or an entire fleet, we can cater to your needs.

Make a vehicle wrapping enquiry today by getting in touch with Odysea Signs.


Is it worth signwriting a van?

Van signwriting is inexpensive to spread the word about your business and attract more customers. A vital benefit of van signwriting is its mobile, making it even more effective as it travels everywhere with the vehicle marketing your business to many more potential customers. If you need someone for van signwriting in Brighton, you can contact Odysea Signs for their professional services.

What is signwriting on a van?  

Van Signwriting effectively represents your business and attracts potential customers to your business. It is a very powerful and inexpensive form of advertising as the advertisement moves around with you to every location your van goes to. A skilled design team can listen to your needs and work with you to develop distinctive and attractive designs. If you are in need of van signwriting in Brighton, you can get in touch with Odysea Signs.

How long does it take to sign and write a van?

Depending on the area you want to cover on your van and the type of design you finalize with the design team, it can take anywhere between 5-10 days to sign and write a van. If the design is simple, it can be done just in a few days, and if the design is complicated, it can take a little more time to create. For the best van sign writing in Brighton, contact Odysea Signs.

How To Put Graphics on a Car?

Graphics on a car is a job that professionals should only do if you need a clean job done. If you are in need of vehicle graphics in Sussex, you can get in touch with Odysea Signs.

How Much Does it Cost to put Graphics on Vehicle?

The cost of graphics on the vehicle can vary depending on the area you want to cover and the design you finalize. For inexpensive and creative vehicle graphics in Sussex, you can rely on the professional services of Odysea Signs.

How Long Does Graphics on Vehicle Last?

How long the graphics will last on the vehicle is determined by two factors, i.e., the quality of the sign and maintenance. Suppose you choose a good company to get your vehicle graphics. In that case, you can relax about the vehicle graphics lasting a long time, given that you follow the aftercare instructions provided by your designer. For vehicle graphics in West Sussex, you can rely on Odysea Signs.

How Long Does Graphics on Vehicle Last?

A professional sign maker can customize your vehicle graphics, keeping your ideas in mind. If you are searching for vehicle graphics in West Sussex, contact Odysea Signs for the best services.

Is car wrapping a good idea?

Yes, car wrapping is an amazing way of advertising your business and attracting more and more potential customers for your business. Odysea Signs provides the best services relating to vehicle wrapping in Brighton.

Is wrapping a Vehicle expensive?

In general, it is a very inexpensive form of advertising, but the cost can vary depending on the design you select and the amount of area you wish to cover on your van. For the most inexpensive and quality services for vehicle wrapping in Brighton, you can trust Odysea Signs.

How long does a Vehicle wrapping last?

Vehicle wrapping could last years if it were installed by professionals keeping all the do’s and don'ts in mind and if the vehicle is properly taken care of. Just follow the care tips provided by the professionals, and your vehicle wrap will last you for a long time. For vehicle wrapping in Brighton, contact Odysea Signs.


What our clients say about us

“extremely knowledgeable”

Couldn’t ask for a lovelier guy to work with on my designs. Lewis is extremely knowledgeable of the signage business. He’s highly skilled. And produces great quality branding and signs. It’s obvious he wants the signage to look the best it can. Highly trustworthy. Good value. Don’t go anywhere else.

Nicholas Martin, SUSSEX

“odyseasigns were absolutely incredible.”

It is very rare you get to have anyone as attentive and meticulous as him. He was there for every step and despite myself making multiple changes on the road we ended up with some really amazing signage that has helped the business in its general appearance and branding hugely. A really outstanding service with truly great results.

Ben Rogers, SUSSEX
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