What's Vehicle Wrapping & Why Do You Need it?

What's Vehicle Wrapping & Why Do You Need it?


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Are you interested in customising your car? Or are you sceptical after seeing the skyrocketing cost of a respray? 

When putting your unique stamp on your car, wrapping might be the way to go if you want to make a statement and not break the bank while you’re at it. 

The purpose of vehicle wrapping is to change the appearance of the exterior of your vehicle without having to perform an expensive and complicated paint job. Wrapping a vehicle involves three main stages: design, production, and installation. A car wrap is generally a large graphic applied to some or all of the parts of your vehicle, depending on the particular vehicle. Because of the ease with which they can be redesigned to fit the vehicles' different looks, they are extremely popular. 

Using vehicle wraps to advertise a company is a modern form of traditional advertising, as painting the company logos on the vehicles back in the day was the most common method. Additionally, it is an excellent way to advertise your business. With the proper maintenance, vehicle wraps can last up to 7 years since they are made from large printed vinyl sheets. 

This quick guide will give you a basic understanding of vehicle wrapping in Brighton and the available options. We will also be assessing the pros and cons of wrapping your vehicle, so you can decide whether it is a good idea for your vehicle or not. 

Explaining the Pros and Cons of Vehicle Wrapping

Ponder upon the pros and cons of getting the wrapping done professionally before you take the plunge.


A custom design -Unique designs can be created that suit your preferences and create one-of-a-kind looks that make you stand out. As a blank canvas, your vehicle offers endless possibilities for expressing yourself creatively.

Cost – Getting a new paint job is quite expensive, so you can save some money if you wrap your car instead. They aren't necessarily cheaper, but the cost varies vastly from a repainting job. 

Providing protection – Vinyl wraps add a layer of protection over the vehicle's original paintwork, protecting it against small scratches. Since the paint is not directly exposed to sunlight, it is also protected from the harmful UV rays.

High durability – with top-quality vehicle wraps, you can expect your vehicle to last between five and seven years, which is more than many people think.

Easily removable – If your company changes its branding to promote a new product or sell a vehicle, the vehicle wraps will have to come off. With less hassle, it can be done more conveniently.  Easily, the wrap can be stripped off, and a new one can be applied to the surface.


Application is difficult – Taking a patient approach and having all the right tools at hand is essential if you decide to apply a vehicle wrap. Regarding car wraps, poorly-fitted ones look terrible, and you risk wasting money.

Risk of rusting – In essence, rust is caused by moisture getting under the vinyl when wraps are poorly fitted. This can lead to rust spots appearing on the paintwork, as there is nowhere for the water to escape, causing the paintwork to rust.

Legal requirements – If your vehicle is wrapped, you must inform your insurance company about the changes it has undergone. It can be a hassle and dozens of paperwork, so you might not want to go through it if you're just looking for a temporary change.

Resale value – Ensure that you remove the wrap from your car as soon as possible if you are looking to sell it. If you don’t or cannot remove the wrapping, your car’s resale value might be affected. You might have to lower your price if you wrap your car with bright colours and patterns since there is a smaller market for them.

Different Types of Vehicle Wrapping?

Commercial Wraps

Commercial vehicle graphics in Sussex are more likely to be printed when they are done in a commercial setting. This means that the material used to do this has been printed with graphics related to the business. 

This is a very useful marketing tool for many companies as it uses these mascot vehicles to help them market themselves to the public. Some very cheap advertising can be obtained by driving a vehicle like this around town. Custom wraps can be performed as full or partial, depending on the parties involved.

Full Wraps

The name is well defined. Full wraps completely change the colour and appearance of a vehicle. The most common method is to use a solid colour. This technique is not only less expensive than a full paint job, but it's also completely reversible. This is known as a "colour change wrap." Some people even use a full wrap which matches the car's colour. Why? As a precaution, of course, in order to prevent minor bumps and scratches from ruining the actual finish on the car. The term used here is “protective wrap.”

The cost of a full wrap is higher than a partial wrap, but it gives you the most control over the appearance of your vehicle. The colour or appearance of a vehicle may not be something people want to change permanently. To some, the possibility of changing your mind and returning to your old colour is appealing.

Partial Wraps

Partially wrapped vehicles cover only a specific vehicle area, as you might expect from their name. Compared to a full wrap, this may not draw as much attention. A partial wrap can be a great option if you want a subtle effect or if you simply don't want your vehicle to change significantly.

Your wrapped vehicle can be used as a promotional tool. You might be able to achieve the same results with a partial wrap. Particularly, if the vehicle itself is noteworthy, you may want to consider using a partial wrap. Attraction serves the same purpose as anything that attracts attention. Partially wrapped vehicles typically have their hoods, roofs, trunks, and/or doors covered. These make great flat(ish) surfaces for engraving or vehicle signwriting. 

Carbon Fibre Wraps

Vinyl is the most commonly used material for vehicle wraps, but there are some cases where this is not the case. Some wraps are made of carbon fibres, for instance. This vehicle has a greyish-black matte finish that gives it an interesting texture and a matte finish. Aside from being strong, it is also resistant to damage. As a result, a carbon fibre wrap is a great choice for a protective wrap, especially if you like the appearance that it lends to your vehicle.

Carbon fibre wraps are generally considered more difficult to apply, especially if you intend on going for a full wrap. As a downside, it won't appear as real as the original when you look closely at it. It is generally agreed that you should seek professional assistance before doing one.

Chrome Wraps

Are you dreaming of owning a car with a solid chrome finish? There is a good chance that it is out of your budget at the moment. The next best thing, however, would be to wrap your vehicle in chrome to enhance its appearance. There is no doubt that the most obvious benefit of this wrap is the look and feel of the chrome itself, which is stunning and flashy. Unlike other kinds of wrap, this type is heavier and will require much more work. In general, it is not recommended that you attempt to do this on your own without the assistance of a professional.

As an added benefit, chrome wraps can reduce the heat your car absorbs by reflecting sunlight and heat from the sun. Thus, you won't have to worry about your car getting too hot in the summertime because it will be kept cool. That factor alone almost justifies the cost of a chrome wrap.

Get in Touch to Make it Easier

Having an attractive vehicle will help your business stand out from the competition. Taking a drive around your local area is your best chance to advertise as you go about your daily routine.

With Odysea Signs' professional design team at your disposal, you can work with us to develop truly unique and impressive designs.

Inspire your customers with your vehicle and business branding!

Whether you are looking for vehicle graphics in West Sussex or a combination of wrapping along with vehicle signwriting, Odysea Signs can be your saving grace!

Give us a call today and customise your fleet with durable vehicle wraps you will love!