frequently asked questions

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about sign making, our products and services, and Odysea Signs.

What does the sign company do?

In this competitive world, businesses need to take care of their branding because of its advantages and good aspects. For business owners, using the services of a decal or sign firm is important, inevitable, and impossible to resist. A sign firm provides a wide range of services that can completely alter the look of your brand. If you want to hire sign makers in Sussex, contact Odysea Signs for their professional and quality services.

Can I get a custom-made sign?

A custom-made sign is something that a sign-making company can easily work on. All you need to do is share your requirements with the designers and brainstorm a few ideas to get what you need. Odysea Signs, a Brighton Sign Company, can help you with any custom-made sign you require for your business, shop, offices, or home. Just book an appointment and let the design begin.

How much will a new sign cost?

The cost of a new sign depends on the type of design, size, quality, and many other factors. Odysea Signs are the sign makers in West Sussex who can make signage for your business under the given budget. We have a creative team of experienced designers who will help you find the most suitable sign for your business under the desired budget. You can talk to your designer about your budget, and the designer will offer an option accordingly.

How long does it take to do my vehicle graphics/wrap?

Our vehicle wrapping service consists of several processes. Partial wraps are applied in a matter of hours, while full wraps often take two days or less. However, professionals can typically finish its entirety in just a few hours or a week at most. At Odysea Signs, you can trust us with your vehicle to have good quality signage that will last you for a long time. Odysea Signs are among the top designers of vehicle graphics in Sussex.

Can I wash my vehicle normally after being signed?

Getting your car washed a day before getting it signed is advisable. It helps the company have a clean canvas to work on. Also, you should avoid washing the vehicle for a few days to let the signage stick properly. It helps the signage stay for longer periods. For vehicle wrapping in Brighton call Odysea Signs. They will provide full instructions on the dos and don'ts of getting your vehicle wrapped.

Can I get the logo to be designed?

A good sign company can create anything you require, including a logo, brand information or anything you need. You can search for sign shops near me and get a list of top sign maker companies nearby. A good company with experienced designers can turn your vision into a reality. Just explain your requirements and wait to be dazzled by what you get.

How do I place an order?

To place an order with the best Sussex signs company, Odysea Signs, you need to contact us with your vision of what type of sign you require for your business. After finalizing the design, we will deliver the sign to you before you know it.

How long will my sign last?

If the best sign makers in Sussex make your sign, you need not worry about the quality, as our products are made to last for years. Signs by Odysea Signs do not require much maintenance and will last you a long time, making them efficient.

Do signs come in standard sizes?

The best thing about signs is that they are customisable; whether the size, colour, or shape, you can get whatever you need. Odysea Signs is a Sussex sign company that deals in bespoke signage, and our only aim is to provide the best and most impactful signage for your business.

Do you recommend Sign Graphics for business?

Sign Graphics for any business can work wonders in terms of bringing more business. Sign graphics are an investment that will only benefit your business if done right and can help you earn much more profit than you usually would. It is a perfect medium for spreading information and awareness to potential clients. If you are looking for a Brighton Sign Company, you can contact Odysea Signs for quality services.

Do you provide Sign Installation Services?

Yes, Odysea Signs does provide sign installation services. In fact, the installation is part of the process, as we want our clients to have a wholesome experience. Odysea Signs is among the top names for sign makers in West Sussex. However, if you are not in or around Sussex, a simple google search of sign shop near me would suffice. We also provide ongoing sign maintenance services.

How long does it take to get a sign made?

Making a sign can take anywhere around a weak, but it also depends on the type of signage and the size. We deliver your sign as quickly as possible and will not make you wait for a long time. If you are wondering what sign shops are near me in Sussex, we can tell you that Odysea Signs is a delightful option to get good quality and effective signage for your business.