All You Need to Know About Wayfinding Signs

All You Need to Know About Wayfinding Signs


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Any form of sign that provides directions is a wayfinding sign. These signs are there to aid visitors in navigating without the need for in-depth explanations or challenging maps. A visitor should have no trouble locating a destination with the help of signs that will direct them along the way if they are misguided and need assistance.

You may use digital wayfinding signage to enhance visitor experiences and make it simpler for them to discover destinations and offices within your facility or campus from wayfinding signage.

Odysea Signs is among the top sign makers in West Sussex and delivers quality products per your liking and demands.

Four Types of Wayfinding Signage

  1. Identification

The most typical style of navigational signage is identification. When you get to the location, these signs let you know. They also function as general landmarks for wayfinding. If you need to locate yourself, there are identification signs for your use. You know you are in the wrong area if you're looking for sales and you keep seeing signs for human resources.

It is suggested to create a straightforward, clean identification sign where the meaning of a sign should be immediately understandable to the visitor.

  1. Directional

People can find their way about with the help of directional signage. They work best in places with little traffic movement and at intersections. Directional signs are like a sequence of signs that lead the visitor to their destination step by step. Diverse directional signage is helpful to anyone unsure of their surroundings. A sign directing people left or right at each intersection would suffice. Or it can be as easy as putting colourful arrows on the ground to guide people to their desired location. 

For directional signage, consistency is essential. It is immediately void if someone gets lost between two points.

  1. Informational

Informational signage refers to denoting a specific location in the facility. These signs provide users with the general information they require for navigation. 

The best location for Informational signage is one that receives lots of traffic. Popular examples include lobbies, waiting areas, building entrances, and atriums. Before inquiries are posed, signs should provide the information. Where is the restroom? What are the store timings?! Is there an elevator here? Informational signs and symbols should be simple enough for anyone to grasp at a glance.

  1. Regulatory

Wayfinding that takes a proactive approach is regulatory signage. It establishes boundaries for what is and isn't permitted in your facilities, focusing on safety and liability issues. Rules, safety requirements, and privacy expectations are established and reinforced using it. 

Typically, regulatory signage is large in size, clear, visible,  and straightforward. If the closet door is marked "Caution! High Voltage!" most people are unlikely to open it. A "No Pets Allowed" sign indicates that pets are not welcome. 

Use regulatory signage wherever necessary and eliminate all possibility of confusion. Like a "Employees Only" sign on a locked door, a disability sign establishes clear precedence.

Merging Wayfinding Signs 

While moving towards their destination, visitors should be kept out of prohibited areas by regulatory signs as they follow directed signage. Visitors should be able to follow directional signage to get where they need to go by using identification signage to let them know where they are. Each sort of wayfinding sign can and ought to be used in conjunction with the others. 

In your facilities, informational and regulatory signs should outline expected behaviour. 

All signage should also be uncomplicated. Regardless of the sign's intended use, visitors should be able to glance at it and instantly understand what it says and how it relates to wayfinding. Make sure you have the appropriate delivery method for the information, whatever it is.

Why Is it Important?

Although wayfinding signage is not a type of advertising or promotion, it is crucial for presenting a favourable image of a brand. Your visitors will feel at ease on the premises if you have effective and understandable wayfinding signage. They will also have a sense of empowerment. After all, they won't need to seek help because they will be able to find what they are looking for. 

To get a long list of businesses that custom build premium wayfinding signage, you need to google sign shop near me, and you will find the nearest locations with reviews to make selecting a business easier.

Factors to Consider for an Effective Wayfinding Signage

  • Keep It Simple

Wayfinding Signage is, by its nature, meant to simplify things for everyone. If it is complicated to understand, then there is no point in having it in the first place. 

The key to effective Wayfinding Signage is to keep it as simple as possible for everyone to understand.

  • Well Coordinated Signage

All the wayfinding signage should work together to make the task easier. It should be coordinated to map where you are and where you want to go. A combination of all four types of wayfinding signage should work together in a chain, so there is no confusion for the person following it.

Make Effective Wayfinding Signage With us.

At Odysea Signs, we work toward your satisfaction by providing you with plenty of options for your wayfinding signage. Our professionals brainstorm ideas to suit your requirements, combining them with their years of knowledge to come up with a unique & effective design. 

Our designers at Odysea Signs follow a three-step procedure:

  1. Design

After the initial query, our team will set up a meeting to discuss your requirements and bounce off potential ideas that may fit well with your requirements. Our designers work to satisfy your requirements; hence they will provide plenty of wonderful ideas till you reach a final draft that you love.

  1. Production

After you have finalised the idea to your liking, we will work on the production. Our topmost priority is to work as per the brief and provide a product that is up to the quality standards. Every product is made to meet the brief you gave, and our quality standards give the product a long life.

  1. Installation

After the product is finalised, we will give you a call to decide the time and date of installation. All of our installation crew is fully qualified and insured to handle any necessary installation needs. We also provide a high-quality aftercare service and a 12-month guarantee on all your installations. 

Odysea Signs is a Brighton sign company that you can get in touch with for your signage needs. Our team will get in touch, and you can discuss any concerns about installation or aftercare services.

Final Takeaway 

Odysea signs is among the top sign makers in Sussex and delivers quality as per your demand. At Odysea Signs, we work to go above and beyond industry standards by offering our clients superior signage solutions through in-house custom design, production, and installation. Our team of professional designers & experts have years of experience in the field. Get in touch with us to fix an appointment or visit our store to check out our product catalogue.